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Writing toasts for the moments that matter most.

The Toastess has written for brides and grooms, bridesmaids and groomsmen, parents of graduates, commencement speakers, and others. Here's what a few of our clients had to say.

Alexandra was incredible in helping me and my sister write our brother’s wedding speech! We didn’t know how to successfully communicate our special relationship and unique family dynamic to all 250 guests. Alexandra listened to all our ideas and stories and successfully wrote a beautiful speech that brought out a lot of laughs and even some tears. She maintained our individual voices while adding her wit and humor to perfect the toast! The guests and especially my brother and sister-in-law LOVED it! Everyone said it was the best toast of the night! We are forever grateful!
— Erica H., Brother's Wedding in D.C.
We are very lucky to have worked with The Toastess. We knew we wanted to make a great speech for our best friend’s wedding and had loads of ideas and stories but we were not sure how to put them together. Alexandra took our ideas and made one of the funniest speeches we have given and by far the funniest at the wedding! She then continued to work with us as we edited her work to feel more like it was from us. As two guys, we were especially grateful to get a girl’s take so that we wouldn’t alienate one half of the room. Thank you!
— Alex S., Groomsman in Mexico
I was invited to speak at a middle school graduation last spring. Motivational language and inspiring thoughts to share with my eighth grade audience (and their parents and teachers) swirled in my head, but I had trouble putting them into a cohesive, engaging talk. The Toastess helped me organize my ideas seamlessly and beautifully. She really had an inherent talent for getting to the heart of my heart, and helped me express myself exactly as I wanted to.
— Wendy H., Commencement in New Jersey
If you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming speech or aren’t sure exactly how to tell your story, do yourself a favor and hire The Toastess now! Although I normally think I’m a relatively strong speech writer/speaker, I wanted to make sure my MOH speech for my sister’s wedding was above and beyond. The Toastess helped me do just that. My sister and brother in law’s reaction to the speech justifies every penny I spent! She was friendly, professional and fun to work with. Cannot wait to collaborate on any future toasts.
— Jen M., Maid of Honor in Chicago
The speech was a HUGE HIT! She was over the moon with happiness and love for us for spending the time and coming up with such a personal, touching toast that truly captured her essence as a person and friend to all who were there. We got some good laughs, too!
— Patty S., 60th Birthday in New York
Working with The Toastess was incredibly seamless. We discussed my ideas over the phone and within days she was able to create an original and heartfelt speech that still felt true to my personal voice. She is a true and talented professional and I recommend her to everyone.
— Chloe C., Maid of Honor in Spain
The Toastess has been a massive help for me and totally bailed me out on several groomsman speeches. She has a very good grasp of what will ‘click’ with the audience — what will land as funny, when something feels like too much of an inside joke, when a speech feels honest. I took all of her pointers and thank God I did. The speech was a hit, and I have The Toastess to thank for it.
— Max A., Groomsman in D.C.
The Toastess did an incredible job bringing my vision for my speech to life for my best friend’s wedding. I knew what I wanted to say, but was not sure how to start. We had an introductory call where she gathered information about what I wanted to say, funny details about the couple and the mood/tone of the rehearsal dinner. She did an incredible job tying together the themes we discussed, was open to edits and helped me immeasurably — not just with the writing and the composition of my speech, but giving me the confidence I needed to read it loud and proud. Thank you!
— Jessica L., Bridesmaid in New York
Working with The Toastess was a great experience. She is professional, witty and enjoyable to work with. She helped me formulate my thoughts into a well-worded speech. We could not have killed it without her!
— Justin E., Groomsman in Mexico
Thank you so much. The toast was a hit at the lunch today. Everyone loved it. And she was very appreciative and happy.
— Susan B., 60th Birthday in New York
Thank you for writing my first ever bridesmaid speech! I was blown away watching you spit out rhymes about famous artists and museums (the bride is an artist herself), like an early Lin-Manuel Miranda. The speech helped me show the bride how much faith I have in her as a woman, friend, and wife in a way that everyone enjoyed. Your written word is simultaneously elegant and approachable, and I already can’t wait to call you for another toast.
— Alex G., Bridesmaid in New York
My experience with The Toastess was certainly the ‘mostest.’ She took my speech and gave it the perfect edit that made all of the stories absolutely sing. She has a fantastic sense of humor, and a way of making each of the elements of the toast their absolutely best, both individually and in conjunction with the larger message of the toast. Cheers a hundred times over!
— Carolyn S., Bridesmaid in Anguilla
After helping with thank-you cards, speeches, and application essays, there is no one I’d trust more to be my editor than The Toastess. She has a way of taking my ideas and making them eloquent, charming, and sharp on paper. Beyond being an incredible wordsmith, she is creative, patient, thoughtful, and professional — a real pleasure to work with.
— Hannah B., California
Alexandra has been my go-to editor for anything that comes up in life — from job interviews to my first wedding toast, she has always been a speechwriting savant. The best part about The Toastess is that she always improves my writing without hiding my “voice” or personality. Cheers to that!
— Jordyn S., Philadelphia
Writing isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world. I’ve been collaborating with The Toastess for the past 15 years on everything from high school papers and job applications to wedding speeches and everything in between. She is able to articulate exactly what I want to say, in just the right amount of words, and caters it perfectly to the audience at hand. I’m always amazed at how The Toastess takes my ideas and turns them into a masterpiece.”
— Jamie G., New York
Alexandra is able to skillfully transform your thoughts and ideas into an eloquent package, while never losing sight of your unique voice. As someone who struggles to string together my ideas in a purposeful manner and add wit and humor to my writing, having Alexandra’s help has been truly priceless.
— Whitney S., New York