The Toastess

Writing toasts for the moments that matter most.

Sometimes, it's hard to find the right words.

Alexandra Levine, an award-winning writer based in New York, created The Toastess after being approached for help with exactly that — figuring out which of the 170,000 words in the English language could best be used to share a compelling story or deliver a powerful speech.

Speechwriting is not reserved only for politicians and public figures. The Toastess prepares toasts for the moments that matter most, including weddings, graduations, birthdays, religious celebrations and other personal milestones.

So much rides on a speech. But so often there's a block — like too much pressure or too little time — that prevents the final product from realizing its full potential.

That's where The Toastess comes in.

Whether you're looking for us to edit your written work, pen a speech from scratch, coach you on your delivery or all of the above, we will help you raise your best glass.

Alexandra is a staff reporter at The New York Times. Her writing has been featured on the front page of The Times and on the covers of the Style section, The Village Voice and The Forward, and when not on the news beat, she has done comedy writing and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She received a master's degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Toastess is not affiliated with Alexandra's current or former employers.